The 6 Best Free Template Apps for Instagram Stories

For those of you who really like playing Instagram, of course you are curious, right, how do you make those interesting IG Stories? Even though the Instagram application has provided several editing features, it feels like the photos we post are less interesting when looking at other people’s IG Stories feeds.

But don’t worry, on this occasion droidmagz will share 6 applications that will make your IG Stories look interesting.

First, do you know how to make an interesting IG story post?
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Making IG Stories posts that attract people to see is arguably difficult – difficult, easy, difficult because it takes creativity and easy because there are many tools that we can use. For those of you who are creative, maybe making interesting posts is easy, but for those of you who are weak in terms of “creativity“Don’t worry, just take advantage of the existing templates.

Many applications provide various IG Stories templates, plus most of these templates are free to use. The settings are quite complete, from changing colors, layouts, vintage Polaroid style nuances to colorful collages, all available.

You can set all these settings yourself by simply tapping the cellphone screen. It’s easy and sounds instant, right? That’s how it is, if something is easy why should it be difficult?

Okay, without further ado, here are some free IG Stories template applications that you must try.

1. StoryChic

The 6 Best Free Template Apps for Instagram Stories

As the name suggests, this application focuses on several editing features for Instagram Stories content. This application provides several beautiful default template presets, unique photo layouts, cute fonts and several VSCO color filter presets.

Some of the presets have the right feel with unique color combinations, plus a simple interface that makes it very easy to use.

Some of the features available in StoryChic:

  • Templates & Collages: There are more than 1000 templates and collages that you can use for free and for a fee.
  • Many Theme variants: There are more than 60 themes with various mojito designs and colors including Film, Retro, Polaroid, Square, Collage, etc.
  • Various Filter effects : There are dozens of filter effects available, including Glitch, VHS, retro effects like VSCO.
  • Hundreds of unique Fonts: There are hundreds of unique fonts along with dozens of animated text effects available.

2. Unfold

The 6 Best Free Template Apps for Instagram Stories

For those of you who want to experiment with a unique IG Stories look, you can try Unfold. This application is quite small in size compared to similar applications, but don’t get me wrong, there are many interesting preset templates in it.

From classic polaroid frames to retro film frames and neat collages, they’re all available, and this app offers lots of unique styles that will make your Stories feed look unique.

Unfold has around 25 free templates and 90 premium templates. You can try to use the free version first, or try the premium version right away.

Features available in Unfold:

  • 150+ templates: There are 150+ templates that you can try, both free and paid.
  • Unfold camera : Capture images with various interesting filters using the Unfold camera.
  • Complete editing features: There are various attractive fonts and funny stickers that you can try.


The 6 Best Free Template Apps for Instagram Stories

Want to make an IG Stories feed with an old theme? This application will be perfect for you. Even though it’s not a pure template application, you can use SELFISSIMO to create unique, classic-style IG Stories.

You can use this application to take selfie photos, the results of which will be in the style of old film rolls. It is perfect for taking retro or classic themed photos.


The 6 Best Free Template Apps for Instagram Stories

It seems that there is no need for much explanation for this one application, Canva is very well known among Instagramers. This application stores thousands of templates that can be used for free, bored? Just add a quote via a special font or cute sticker available.

In short, if you really like to be creative with various unique themes to fill your IG Stories feed, this application is a must for you to have.

Features in Canva:

  • 1000+ templates: Find a variety of interesting templates both free and paid.
  • Complete editor features: Not only photos, Canva can also be used to edit short videos.
  • Unique fonts: There are more than 100 interesting fonts that you can try.

5. Over

The 6 Best Free Template Apps for Instagram Stories

Although not as complete as Canva for template variations, Over is able to offer several advantages over other similar applications. This application is perfect for you to use in an effort to build a brand image through IG Stories, to be precise, this application is suitable for store/product promotions via social media such as Instagram.

This application also has several editing features such as changing the background color, modifying photo effects, adjusting shadows and much more. For you business people, you must try this one application.

Some of the Over’s features:

  • Quick design layouts to help you build faster
  • Over 1,700 templates that are stylish and quick to edit
  • A logo generator with over 67,000 ready-to-use graphics
  • Poster and Flyer Maker with a choice of over 500 fonts
  • Unlimited access to the coolest stock images around
  • New design inspiration every day
  • Poster maker, logo maker, brochure maker and graphic design editor all in one handy app


The 6 Best Free Template Apps for Instagram Stories

The last application we can recommend is Story Maker. This app is a bit similar to StoryChic, and some impressive template additions. However, there is one interesting feature that made us decide to include this application in the list, namely the Brush feature which allows you to create photos with a focused object like a poster.

Some features of StoryMaker:

  • Templates: There are 300 templates with various themes, ranging from Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s themes and many more.
  • Fonts: There are 100+ interesting fonts that you can try for free.
  • Supports photos & videos: Story maker supports editing in both photo and video formats.

That’s it 6 of the best free template apps for Instagram stories which you can try. Hopefully it can help you in creating a unique and interesting Instagram stories feed.

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