4 Factors to Consider In Preparing a Good Recipe

The positions of chefs in the high-end restaurants are a highly coveted position. Chefs working in restaurants learn about the culinary business. They get the opportunity to learn the operation of the kitchen and their duties within the kitchen. Great chefs are known to prepare great recipe that they have thought out. A good recipe … Read more

Preparing Piranha: Four Delicious Recipes for Adventuresome Eating

Prepare your freshly-caught Piranha native style, with these Brazilian recipes. Cachama, a Piranha-related farm-raised species, is often used where Piranha are not locally available. Cachama (in Colombia) and Tambaqui or Pacu (in Brazil) which also originate in the Amazon and Orinoco River basins can likewise be used. Two Cachama species cultivated commercially in Central and … Read more