A Chicken Pie Recipe With That Master Chef Touch

No one can resist a delicious pie. While apple pie usually ranks as the top favorite, chicken pie comes at a very close second. Why is a chicken pie recipe such a popular dish for homemaker and their families? For one, chicken pie can already be considered as a complete meal because of the proteins … Read more

Greek Style Chicken Livers and Eggplant

Biotin Benefits Through Foods With the recipe below, you’re sure to enjoy a plate that will swoop you on a cuisine-inspired adventure that is not only scrumptious, but very good for you as well. People are slowly becoming more aware of and worried about their health. We’re all attempting to consume as many items rich … Read more

Nagymama’s Hungarian Chicken Soup for Your Family’s Soul

OK. I promised you my Hungarian chicken soup recipe. Being that we are suffering from an arctic blast, with wind chills in the negative 15 to 25 degrees, it seems that a wonderful pot of simmering chicken soup is the perfect anecdote for the bone-chilling days we’re experiencing in many parts of the country. Here … Read more

Chicken Consomme Brunoise Recipe

A consomme is made by adding a mixture of ground meats or mouselin with Mirepoix, tomatoes, and egg whites into either bouillon or stock. This is then slowly brought to a simmer, and carefully kept there until the desired product is reached. The act of simmering brings impurities to the surface of the liquid, which … Read more

Best of the Really Spicy Authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipes

Most Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipes found outside of Jamaica are a major disappointment. They usually consist of some weak, slightly spicy chicken breast that is grilled and served. These jerk recipes do not even come close to what you will find in the jerk huts of Jamaica. This Jamaican jerk chicken recipe will change all … Read more

The Health Benefits Of Chicken Curry Recipes

Chicken Chicken is an excellent source of protein and contains less fat than most meats, especially the breast which contains half the fat of a steak. Chicken is a good source of niacin, which possesses cancer fighting properties as well as the trace mineral selenium. It is also a good source of vitamin B6, which … Read more

Easy Chicken Fajita Recipe For Your Mexican Theme Party

I enjoy theme parties so this Chicken Fajita Recipe is perfect for a Mexican party. This chicken recipe has proved a winner especially with the kids. YOu lay out all the prepared ingredients and guests can build their own fajitas. If you are a health conscious mom like me then at least you know you’re … Read more

A Healthy Quick Dinner Recipe For Busy Families – Orange Chicken

It seems that our days are getting busier, and it’s often hard to get a healthy and quick dinner recipe on the table at a reasonable time. Family dinners are an important part of the day and worth planning ahead to make sure there is a healthy quick dinner recipe available. Finding healthy recipes that … Read more