My Cafe MOD APK 2022.11.0.5 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Enjoy the ultimate coffee shop simulation as you embark on your journey in this amazing cool game from Melsoft Games. Start your coffee business right from the start with a simple shop with you as the sole employee.

Work hard to build a good reputation In addition to raising money, you can take off your business with more and more customers who know about your store. Hire more employees, expand your store, unlock new recipes, provide better customer services, and you’ll find yourself enjoying your adventure in Café: Restaurant game.

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The game offers players a simple yet highly addictive business tycoon game where you can take control of an entire cafe or restaurant. Develop it from just a small family business into a premium restaurant where customers love to visit.

Feel free to take your creativity to a whole new level as you learn about dozens of different customizations that feature the game. Decorate your restaurant so that working with it is efficient and attractive so that customers are more attracted to it.

And not just like any other tycoon game, with My Café, players will have opportunities to share in the stories of their customers. Experience aspects of everyday life as you help your customers solve their own problems. Share your stories and get your own solutions.

Moreover, you can also meet other store owners, both offline and online. Try out their unique stories and have fun while doing it.

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Here you will find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple controls and intuitive interfaces

To get you started, My Café features relatively accessible controls that most players will find quite simple. Thus, you can quickly get used to the gameplay and start enjoying the features. Moreover, the simplified interfaces make it easy for you to access the specific features of the game.

Enjoy the in-depth restaurant tycoon game

Find yourself enjoying the addictive restaurant and coffee simulation where you can own your own shop. Spend time working on it so that it thrives and attracts more clients. Collect and save money so you can expand and upgrade your business. Equip her with better furniture and equipment. Provide better services to make a better profit from your customers.

Buy items, customize your store the way you want, hire new employees, create better recipes, etc. You can even manage pricing so that it works well with your target customers.

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Feel free to take your creativity to the limit

And with fully accessible customization, My Café offers players many exciting features when it comes to revamping your business. Choose multiple interior design themes and apply them to your restaurant so that you can attract more customers. Design and organize your restaurant to optimize spaces, equipment, and other resources. Choose from dozens of different décor styles and multiple uniquely themed furniture. Give your stores unique features that no one can match.

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Share individual customer stories

In addition, players are also allowed to engage in fun stories with each of their clients. Become a dedicated store owner and get to know all your customers. Spend time talking to them to heighten their emotions. Help them solve their personal problems with wise advice. Help them overcome all the hardships in life. Just be yourself and we’ll see how the stories go. The stories in My Café feature multiple aspects of life, from drama, romance, rivalry, etc. The choices will be yours to make yourself.

Join other players online from all over the world

The game offers players exciting online gameplay where you will have opportunities to meet online players from all over the world. Join the social world of My Café as you interact with other in-game shopkeepers who also share the same desires for the coffee and restaurant business as you. Share your experiences, compete with each other, and experience fun online gaming as you participate in fantastic festivals.

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Learn great coffee recipes and make your own

The game offers players many great coffee recipes that they can learn. Pick up your favorite recipes and start making delicious cups of joy. Let your customers enjoy great coffee as you serve them up for your great business.

With hundreds of different recipes, players can take the time to unlock and learn many of them. Use these step-by-step recipes to create delicious cups of drinks in real life.

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free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is currently free for players to enjoy. However, no matter where you are, you can easily download and install the game on your mobile devices. Just go to the Google Play Store and it will always be there for you.

Get all the in-game features with our mod

However, if you want to completely remove the annoying ads as well as access all the in-game features without having to pay anything, then you should definitely take a look at our mod. The modified version of the game allows you to do just about anything without having to make any payments. Unlock items and upgrades whenever you want. Feel free to explore the multiple stories instead of worrying about your day to day business. All you have to do is download a file My Cafe Mod APK and install it on your device.

Picture and sound quality


The game features simple yet stunning graphics that offers players the cool 3D restaurants. Find yourself immersed in your clients’ stories through beautiful hand-drawn photos. Experience a whole new way of storytelling.

sound / music

With amazing and calming soundtrack, sin My Café player can really find himself at ease. Experience its unique features and fun gameplay while listening to the beautiful soundtrack.

Download My Cafe Mod Latest 2022.11.0.5 Android APK

This game is perfect for those who are looking for a simple yet addictive simulation game that they can enjoy on their mobile devices whenever they want. In addition, it is also a great opportunity to learn about the job of a coffee owner from unique perspectives. Not to mention, it’s completely free for you to enjoy.

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