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All white then

Jake Paul has revealed that Dana White is the reason he is fighting UFC legend Anderson Silva.

UFC president White claimed last year that Paul wouldn’t dare challenge Brazilian icon Silva.

He said: “I guarantee you this, you will not see Jake Paul calling out Anderson Silva.

“I promise you that. He’s his size and he’s actually good. He’s old, which is what Jake Paul is looking for, he likes to fight old men.”

But Paul wanted to prove his promotional rival wrong and claimed White felt threatened by him.

He said: “I think it’s because I’m the main figure exposing his business model and how sharky he is and how badly he treats his fighters.

“He said I’m not going to fight Anderson Silva, who is one of the best in the UFC, and now here I am fighting him.

“And he, in large part, promoted it. He’s the reason I took this fight… it’s to prove him wrong and shut the hell up.”

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