interesting Where to play the quiz “what are your human feelings”? Everything there is to know about the viral TikTok game – interesting Where to play the quiz “what are your human feelings”? Everything there is to know about the viral TikTok game,“How do you feel about mankwis?” is a personality quiz that is now taking over the space TikTok. Many users have jumped on this trend, trying to understand what has been ordered on their voting board, and have gained thousands of likes by sharing the results in a short form application.

The trendy personality quiz can be played at Although this default language is Russian, you can read on to find out how you can play the quiz for non-Russian speakers.

Quizzes and games for human behavior are some of the many creative pieces created to make the TikTok experience unforgettable, and here they are unheard of for everyone.

interesting Where to play the quiz "what are your human feelings"? Everything there is to know about the viral TikTok gameHow do you understand “how does the person who feels your quiz feel?”

The quiz about foreign personalities is available on, but its default language is Russian.

For non-Russian speakers, you must translate into your preferred language using a web browser. If you’re accessing the site via Google Chrome, go to the translation button labeled “AA” in the upper-right corner of the search box.

Helps to automatically translate into the selected language. “How do you feel about mankwis?” There are multiple choice questions where you will be asked various choice questions. These questions often answer how people respond to different situations.

Some of the issues include:

  • What do you want now?
  • Choose a random event from life that suits you
  • Is it okay to have feelings?
  • Choose a drink
  • Colored language. Choose what you like.

All questions have four to five options, and after entering the answers, the following slide will be displayed. There are eleven personalities in each and thoughtful script questions.

“How do you feel about mankwis”? contains a number of questions regarding the ethical standards that TikTokers applies to. After answering the questions, the answers are collected and the calculator summarizes everything to create a personality trait with details of what your emotions mean.

At the end of the slides, you will be redirected to the results page, which summarizes the personality. There are also options on which social networks you want to share your result.

To place your result in TikTok, you can take a screenshot and participate in the current video trend. Reactions that players have received so far include despair, humility and sincere love. The trend has already moved to Twitter and the tweeps are soon catching up. Here are some comments from players:

The first is newer than the second and includes a number of questions aimed at deciphering your personality. The questions are usually limited to what the player likes, dislikes and general wishes. It is also available at

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