Complete Questions and Answers for PAS Class 4 SD/MI Theme 3 Latest

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The following is a collection of questions and answers for the Final Semester Assessment (PAS) or Final Semester Test (UAS) for grade 4 SD / MI, theme 3 semester 1, the latest revision of the 2013 curriculum. The sample questions and answers provided include PKN, Science, Social Sciences, Indonesian, and SBdP subjects.

This PAS question is a matter of testing the ability of students to find out how far students understand, in the material that has been presented in teaching and learning activities for one semester.

Illustration. Check out examples of questions and key answers for class 4 SD/MI theme 3.

Sample questions provided as training and strengthening materials in order to achieve the specified Minimum Passing Criteria (KKM).

Friends can use the PAS practice questions below to work at home or school.

This question has already been answered, but it still needs to be checked again for each answer.

The questions provided are in the form of multiple choice, fill-in questions and essays.

Examples of PAS Class 4 SD/MI Theme 3 Questions and Answers Latest 2023

Let’s look at examples of PAS class 4 SD/MI theme 3 questions and the answers below, quoted from

I. Choose the letter A, B, C, or D for the correct answer!

1. Preserving the environment is our obligation as living things. Liability is…
a. something we receive
b. something we get
c. something we get
d. something we have to do

2. Our obligation to plants is …
a. pick all the plants
b. watering wilted plants
c. uproot plants
d. burn plants

3. Pay attention to the picture!

The picture above is an example of a pet. Our responsibility to pets is…
A. abandoned it
B. Throw it away
C. take care of him
D. torturing him

4. We as citizens between rights and obligations must … .
A. biased
B. completely
C. prioritize only one
D. balanced

5. Adi : Good morning sir.
Mr. Doni : Good morning.
Adi: If I could know your father’s full name, what would it be?
Mr. Doni: My name is Doni Kurniawan, usually called Doni.
Adi : I want to ask sir, how do you take care of plants?
Pak Doni: I water it every day and apply fertilizer regularly.
In the conversation above, Pak Doni plays the role of … .
A: interviewer
B. source interviewer
C. writer
D. journalist

6. …. how to treat plants so that they remain fertile?
The correct question word to complete the interrogative sentence above is ….
A. How
B. What
C. Where
D. Who

7. The question word used to ask about time is … .
A. what
B. who
C. when
D. where

8. The flowers around Lani’s house look very lush and colorful. Lani is very diligent in caring for the flowers. He watered it every day and fertilized it regularly.

The most appropriate question based on the text above is … .
A. Why do farmers fail to harvest?
B. How does Lani take care of her plants?
C. What are the benefits of animal skins?
D. Who should plant rice?

9. Pay attention to the pictures!

The part of the plant that functions to absorb water from the soil in the picture above is…
A. wants
B. young
C. leaves
D. flowers

10. Plants carry out the process of photosynthesis and produce …. for human breathing.
A: carbon dioxide
B. nitrogen
C. oxygen
D. helium

11. Look at the picture below!

The above plants can thrive in areas … .
A. lowland
B. mountains
C. the beach
D. desert

12. The existence of birds of paradise is increasingly threatened. Poaching and illegal fishing as well as habitat destruction are some of the main causes. Bird of paradise feathers are also traded, used to decorate women’s hats in Europe. But now, this beautiful bird is a protected species.

Based on the text above, human activities that cause animals to become scarce are… .
A. Reforestation
B. selective logging
C. Poaching
D. creation of wildlife reserves

13. Pay attention to the picture!

The above activities are included in efforts to preserve the environment, namely… .
A: abrasion
B. eroded
C. reforestation
D. reclamation

14. The following is not a benefit of plants for humans is ….
A. It causes air pollution
B. to produce oxygen
C. greenery
D.a source of food

15. Pond is a place for raising animals. Animals that can be cultivated in ponds are… .
A. lion and elephant
B. giraffe and rabbit
C. sharks and catfish
D. shrimp and milkfish

16. We must preserve the existence of rare animals. One of the efforts to preserve endangered animals is… .
A. selling rare animals in the market
B. create an animal sanctuary
C. moving endangered animals to foreign places
D. keeping rare animals at home


The picture above is a work of art….
A. mosaic
B. collagen
C. montase
D. application

18. Dried leaves are materials for making works of art … .
A. mosaic
B. collagen
C. montase
D. application

19. 1. Paste the grain on the picture
2. Prepare tools and materials
3. Glue the picture
4. Make a picture in a picture book
The correct order in making a mosaic is…
A. 1-2-3-4
B. 2-4-3-1
C. 2-3-1-4
D. 3-2-4-1

20. The montage artwork is made using the … .
A. print
B. sewing
C. pahat
D. temple

II. Fill in the blanks below with the correct answer!

1. Obtaining a clean and comfortable classroom is the right of students in an environment …
2. Before obtaining rights, we must carry out … .
3. Before conducting the interview, the interviewer must prepare … .
4. Kanaya: Who plays a role in maintaining cleanliness?
Mrs. Dea : In my opinion, all school members should play a role in maintaining cleanliness.
After finishing the interview, Kanaya had to make… .

Body part number 3 serves to ….
6. Several animals in Indonesia are almost extinct, such as orangutans and birds of paradise. The correct term for an endangered animal is…
7. Mangrove plants usually grow in the area of ​​… .
8. Illegal logging as shown in the picture can result in … .
9. Assessment of works of art is called … .
10. The artwork in the picture is made in the form of …. dimensions.


I. Multiple Choice

1.   D                                                   11. B

2.   B                                                   12. C

3.   C                                                   13. C

4.   D                                                   14. A

5.   B                                                   15. D

6.   A                                                   16. B

7.   C                                                   17. C

8.   B                                                   18. B

9.   A                                                   19. B

10. C                                                   20. D

II. Say

21. school

22. obligation

23. list of questions

24. report on the results of the interview

25. balance

26. Rare animals

27. coast coast

28. bare forest, erosion

29. appreciation

30. two

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