Commemorating National Santri Day, Governor Khofifah Calls On Santri To Be Empowered And Alert To Uphold Human Dignity

East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa
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Surabaya, Nawacita – East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa invites students to always be ready to maintain the dignity of humanity or hifdzunnafs of the Indonesian nation. The message is in line with the theme of National Santri Day 2022, which is Empowerment to uphold human dignity.

Governor Khofifah pointed out, in historical records, students have always been actively involved in every phase of Indonesia’s journey. Santris with various backgrounds are ready to dedicate their lives to the nation and state.

“Santris with different backgrounds are always ready to dedicate their lives to the nation and the state. When Indonesia calls, santri never says no,” Governor Khofifah said when he became the inspector of the 2022 National Santri Day commemoration ceremony at Grahadi State Building, Surabaya, on Saturday (22/10).

Khofifah explained that when Indonesia was still colonized, students did not hesitate to go to the battlefield. Even in Surabaya, Kiai Hasyim Asy’ari launched the “Jihad Resolution” which ignited the enthusiasm of the youth of Surabaya against the Dutch. Likewise, when the five-day battle broke out in Semarang, the santri were also in the vanguard of the fight.

“Wherever the students are, they are always actively involved in the defense of the motherland, in the struggle and defense of independence against the invaders,” he added.

For this real role of santri and kiai, continued Khofifah, President Joko Widodo, through Presidential Decree no. 22 of 2015, established October 22 as National Santri Day as a form of respect for the role of santri in achieving independence.

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Likewise, in post-independence Indonesia, Khofifah said, students were even more enthusiastic about fulfilling Mother Earth’s calling. They are not self-absorbed, but are actively involved in the political, educational, social, economic and scientific worlds, as well as in religion.

“This record shows that although they can be anything, students do not forget their main task, which is to protect religion. Because students always prioritize religious values ​​in their behavior,” he said.

For this reason, Khofifah explained, santri always have the principle that maintaining human dignity is the essence of religion. Moreover, amidst the very diverse life of Indonesia.

Commemorating National Santri Day, Governor Khofifah calls on Santri to be empowered and alert to uphold human dignity
Commemorating National Santri Day, Governor Khofifah calls on Santri to be empowered and alert to uphold human dignity

“So for the students, maintaining human dignity also means protecting Indonesia,” he said.

Not only that, through this Santri Day 2022, Governor Khofifah also expressed his hope that in the future students will continue to build moral excellence, excellence in human resources. Strong character along with mastery of science and technology, responsive and adaptable to changing times.

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In encouraging the moral excellence and human resources of the students, so far the East Java Provincial Government has provided Strata 1 Scholarships for 4,325 undergraduates and students who meet the requirements to study at Al Azhar Egypt, postgraduate and doctoral scholarships for teachers and lecturers of to the Islamic Religion. Pesantren, Peer-Based (PTKI) through Islamic Boarding School and Diniyah Development Institute targeting 115 PTKI from 2019 to 2022.

Furthermore, on this occasion, Governor Khofifah again invited all the participants present to offer prayers for the victims of the Kanjuruhan tragedy. Moreover, based on the updated data, the number of victims who were declared dead again increased to a total of 134 people.

“For the victims who died in the Kanjuruhan tragedy, may Allah forgive all their mistakes. Let’s hope they will be called in Husnul khotimah. And for those who are still being treated in the hospital, let us hope that they will be given health soon,” Khofifah said solemnly.

Submit WBTB Certificate and Jer Basuki Mawa Beya Award

At the Santri Day Momentum, Governor Khofifah also handed over the certificate of Sholawat Badr as Intangible Cultural Heritage (WBTB) of Indonesia to the heirs of creator Sholawat Badar KH. Ali Mansur Siddiq from the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Nadiem Makarim.

Governor Khofifah explained that this evil prayer was deliberately recorded at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology as WBTB. This is a form of recognition and appreciation for the creator of Sholawat Badr.

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“Today it is clear that KH Ali Mansur Siddiq’s Sholawat Badr has officially become Indonesian Intangible Cultural Heritage,” said Khofifah, following his invitation to invite everyone present to sing Sholawat Badr.

As is known, Sholawat Badar itself is a praise to Prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions who fell in the battle of Badr. This prayer has long been recited by Muslims to offer it to Prophet Muhammad SAW.

In addition, Governor Khofifah also pinned the Jer Basuki Mawa Beya Badge to the Gold and Silver categories in 2022. The recipients of the Jer Basuki Mawa Beya Gold Badge were KH. Asep Saifuddin Chalim founder and caretaker of Amanatul Ummah Islamic Boarding School in Surabaya and Kab. Mojokerto for his achievements and success in improving student achievement in academics based on Islamic boarding schools.

Furthermore, the recipient of the Silver Badge was awarded to Mas Purnomo Hadi, Head of Cooperatives and SMEs in 2017-2021, for his success in improving the welfare of the Islamic boarding community in East Java through One Pesantren One Product ( OPOP program) .

Also, OPOP East Java Secretary Ghofirin for his achievements in actively empowering the pesantren economy in achieving economic independence of the pesantren through three pillars, namely Pesantrenpreneur, Santripreneur and Sociopreneur.

Meanwhile, the commemoration of Santri Day was also enlivened by the Rotary Cup carnival from all East Java caravans that won the MTQ National Overall Champion in South Kalimantan. MTQ caravans drive a Jeep from the Governor’s Office.

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