Spumoni – Part 3 – A Delicious Easy Recipe

Well, I’m sure by now you’ve decided that, while spumoni might well be a delicious Italian Dessert, it’s WAY too much work. I wanted to provide a reasonably authentic recipe for this delicious dessert for those who wanted to hone their cooking skills. However, the tedious and time-consuming recipe listed in the previous post is … Read more

A Chicken Pie Recipe With That Master Chef Touch

No one can resist a delicious pie. While apple pie usually ranks as the top favorite, chicken pie comes at a very close second. Why is a chicken pie recipe such a popular dish for homemaker and their families? For one, chicken pie can already be considered as a complete meal because of the proteins … Read more

How to Use a Recipe to Teach English As a Foreign Language

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Weight Loss Grill Recipes That Are Healthy And Delicious

Weight loss is particularly not an easy journey especially if you’re just starting out. You will get hungry and the cravings for flavorful food will be hard to resist. Don’t deprive yourself of hearty meals – grill your fruits, vegetables or lean meat for flavorful, smoky and satisfying dishes without having to feel guilty about … Read more

Greek Style Chicken Livers and Eggplant

Biotin Benefits Through Foods With the recipe below, you’re sure to enjoy a plate that will swoop you on a cuisine-inspired adventure that is not only scrumptious, but very good for you as well. People are slowly becoming more aware of and worried about their health. We’re all attempting to consume as many items rich … Read more

Beginners Cooking Tip – How to Use a Recipe

Those who don’t enjoy cooking find it a chore or too challenging. One reason may be they are intimidated by the recipe. The list of ingredients and/or the actual instructions may be lengthy. To start, browse through the recipe from beginning to end. While it may appear long, the list of ingredients frequently itemizes very … Read more

Nagymama’s Hungarian Chicken Soup for Your Family’s Soul

OK. I promised you my Hungarian chicken soup recipe. Being that we are suffering from an arctic blast, with wind chills in the negative 15 to 25 degrees, it seems that a wonderful pot of simmering chicken soup is the perfect anecdote for the bone-chilling days we’re experiencing in many parts of the country. Here … Read more

Convection Oven Recipe For Sicilian-Style Strata

This Sicilian-style Strata is great for serving an early lunch or late breakfast because they can be prepared a bit of time before the actual baking. However, this Sicilian-style Strata recipe can also be served as entrees for dinner. This recipe produces 8 servings The ingredients for this convection oven recipe are: 1 loaf of … Read more