Call Center BRI Pusat (Jakarta) 24 Hour Phone Number And Latest Rates

Lost your BRI ATM card? Don’t panic just yet, but don’t be too relaxed because you think the person who found it might not be able to access your ATM card because they don’t know the PIN. If this situation happens to you, the first step is to call the number BRI call center.

Numbers and services provided by the BRI Call Centre

It is assumed that the person who finds your ATM card cannot access it because they do not know your PIN. But if the one who finds it is a smart bad guy, your entire balance could be gone.

Therefore, you should contact the bank directly for advice and assistance. If you come directly to the bank, of course it will take time to travel and not to mention if you have to stand in line. This method is no longer considered effective.

Fortunately, BRI offers a call center service that can be contacted by customers 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday (including public holidays/holidays). This call center is intended to help customers and potential customers obtain various information related to BRI’s services and products, such as:

  • If you are a potential customer, then you can get complete information regarding various products held by BRI without having to come to a branch, from savings products, loans, credit cards, deposits and so on.
  • If you are already a customer, you can contact the BRI call center to help block a lost ATM (for example, if someone stole it, your wallet fell somewhere, or your ATM card was swallowed in an ATM).
  • If you are a BRI credit card user, the 24-hour BRI call center is ready to help you with any issues that may arise, such as a lost or problematic credit card.
  • The BRI Call Center hosts all complaints related to the services and other products you use.
  • It helps you activate a new credit or ATM card so it can be used for transactions.
  • Help provide solutions if you forget your ATM card PIN, transactions keep failing or other issues.

The relevant BRI central call numbers are:

  • 14017
  • (021) 57987400
  • (021) 1500 017

You can contact other BRI call centers in several major cities in Indonesia at the following numbers:

  • Jakarta: (021) 2510244 or (021) 2510254
  • Tangerang: (021) 55782520
  • Serang: (0254) 200233
  • Bekasi: (021) 8802820
  • Bandung: (022) 4200356
  • Yogyakarta: (0274) 510850 or (0275) 520268
  • Solo: (0271) 732983
  • Semarang: (024) 8440728
  • Surabaya: (031) 5324230
  • Malang: (0341) 474949

Charge for calling the BRI call center (is it free?)


The costs for calling the BRI call center numbers are as follows:

  • If you contact the BRI call center using a landline (PSTN) phone, you will be charged a local rate of approximately Rp.200. – 300 Rp. for 2 minutes.
  • For those of you using mobile phones, rates will depend on the provider you use. But as an example, the average rate is around IDR 700 – IDR 900 per minute (for non-CDMA cards).

If you do not want to lose a lot of credit or if you have no credit but need some information or solutions from BRI officers, then you can contact BRI customer service for free through social media or BRI email below:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Whatsapp: 0812-1214-017
  • Twitter: @kontaktBRI
  • Facebook: @BRIofficialpage (
  • Instagram: @bankBRI (
  • YouTube:

If you contact BRI via social media, you will usually get a response within 1×24 hours, but it could be even longer depending on the queue. However, for email and YouTube, you’ll get a longer response than contacting call center numbers and social media.

How to contact the BRI call centre

A few things to keep in mind before calling the BRI call center number are:

1. Make sure your credit isn’t mediocre


If you plan to contact the BRI call center from your mobile phone, make sure your number has enough credit to be able to speak freely with the CS (no rush).

If your chat didn’t end or you didn’t have time to get advice from CS, but the call was disconnected because your credit is running out, when you call again you have to start from the beginning explaining the problem or the information you need.

You also need to confirm the customer first when you call again. This is because there is a possibility that the customer service officer who received the second call may be different from the first.

Usually the customer confirmation in question is your full name, address, BRI account number and other bank identities. If you are in a hurry then this kind of situation is quite troublesome and time consuming.

Plus, the total credit you spend will ultimately be higher. Therefore, it is better to prepare enough credit from the beginning so that you can make calls without any problems. At least you need to have a pulse around Rp 25,000. – 30,000 Rp.

2. Make sure there is a signal

Make sure there is a signal

The second point is similar to the first point. If your signal is not stable, the phone may have been disconnected before you received a response from CS, or CS’s voice could not be heard clearly, so you are wasting time and money.

Therefore, make sure that you use a provider whose signal is stable enough when calling a BRI call center number and that you are not in a place with a weak signal, for example in a forest or village where no there is a telephone network.

3. Prepare your personal data

Prepare the auto-data

As mentioned in the first point, CS will ask you several questions to confirm your identity as a BRI customer.

To make the calling process faster and save credit, it is recommended that you prepare an ID and account number in advance so that you can answer immediately when the CS asks you. This method is much more efficient than you are confused looking for ID cards and account numbers when CS asked.

If the above three things have been prepared, now you only need to call the central BRI call center number, or one of the branch BRI call centers listed above depending on the city where you live. If you call the BRI central call centre, you can do so at any time (24 hours).

But for BRI branch call centers, you can connect with officers only during bank working hours around 08:00 AM to 02:00 PM WIB from Monday to Friday. However, if there is a red date between Monday – Friday, the bank will also be closed, so you will not be able to connect with CS.

A dozen or ten years ago, every BRI customer and/or potential customer had to come to the nearest branch of the bank to get information or convey problems and complaints. But now, you only need to call the BRI call center number from your home and anytime.

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