8 Best Free Lyrics Offline Music APK No Ads 2023

Listening to music will help you to make the atmosphere seem very relaxed and relaxed. Lots of people like to listen to music to make the atmosphere seem very relaxed and fun. Of course, to listen to music you can use some of the available Offline Music APKs.

Now you won’t be surprised if you find an application like this one. The use of this one application will certainly be able to help you do things that are really fun. Because with the help of music you can usually do all activities very comfortably.

Not only by using all the music you can do comfortably and also safely. Maybe you can do work while listening to music, the atmosphere will seem very relaxed. Especially now that you want to use an application with music.

Potential users of this application with music may be able to listen to the explanation on Immaku.com this. To get information about music application recommendations offline which you can use to save on spending on your internet quota.

Recommended Offline Music APKs without Ads that can be used for free

The existence of music will certainly be able to help you relax your mind. All the things you’ve been thinking about all this time will be washed away if you listen to music. There is a lot of music that can be used as a reliever of the fatigue you experience.

Therefore a search for this Offline Music APK will certainly make you find it application which is suitable for use. Indeed, there are currently many applications available today. But not all applications can fit and are also suitable for you to use.

We are here to help you to provide some application recommendations that might be used. The applications that we provide are very useful applications worth it to use. Prospective users of this application can also enjoy the application for free.

So, here are some recommendations for music applications that you can use. Don’t let you miss a discussion about an application like this. Because we provide complete information about the various applications available here.


The first application to listen to music that is really fun is the Pulsar application. By using this application you will find lots of very interesting systems. Because there is a smart playlist feature that will manage all the playlist uses that you can use.

Can change every size of the app to fit all the things you want. Anyway, by using this Offline Music APK you can use the feature widget very fun. Makes it easy to use every application that you can do very well right now.

Application Name Pulsar
OS Minimal Android 4.1 +
Size Varies by device
Developer Rhythm Software

Oto Music


Next you will find Oto Music, in this application you can find offline music APKs with a very minimalistic design. Make no mistake, all the applications available here certainly provide lots of fun playlists.

You can get dark mode like you use other Google Chrome applications. Anyway, all the things that you can find in this application can be obtained easily. Can enjoy applications without ads and also many other advantages.

Application Name Oto Music
OS Minimal Android 4.1 +
Size Varies by device
Developer Piyush M



Musicolet is a music APK offline which you can use very easily. Anyway, if you use this one application you can get a lot of advantages, not only can you listen to music for free offline just.

But you can also find lots of additional features. Like the lyrics of the music being played, you will definitely get it. And many more things that you can find. Until it supports very much if used by android with operating system 11.

Application Name Musicolet
OS Minimal Android 4.1 +
Size Varies by device
Developer Crossbit

Rocket Music Player


Next, you can find the Rocket Music Player application, which you can get easily. In this application you can find music APK offline which is very interesting. The oldest music application and offers lots of interesting features.

You can play various types of video or music formats in this application. Therefore, it’s not surprising that there are so many people who use this music application because it has a lot of features.

Application Name Rocket Music Player
OS Minimal Android 4.1 +
Size Varies by device
Developer JRT Studio Music Players

Media Monkey


You can use the media monkey application to get an application that greatly facilitates your listening to music activities. This offline music APK is available on google play store. You can get this application for free and also profitable.

Many features that can make you feel at home listening to music for long in this application. You can find a lot of audio content here, such as podcast and so on.

Application Name Media Monkey
OS Minimal Android 4.1 +
Size Varies by device
Developer Ventis Media, Inc.



AIMP is an application that can make you save on internet usage. To use this AIMP music application, you can find many exciting things. Can play all formats without exception with ease.

Can make an application display design that is very easy and according to your wishes. You can set it at will and carry out activities of use comfortably.

Application Name AIMP
OS Minimal Android 4.1 +
Size Varies by device
Developer Artem Izmaylov

Shuttle Player


Music app offline other this is an application that can be used to listen to various playlist. This Shuttle Player can make it easy for you to manage your listening time. The music you listen to will be easily regulated using it sleep timer.

You can use many of the themes available here. Anyway, you can enjoy all the useful things in this application for free. Using free apps will also help you do fun things and listen to songs easily.

Application Name Shuttle Player
OS Minimal Android 4.1 +
Size Varies by device
Developer SimpleCity

BlackPlayer Free Musik Player


This last offline music APK is an application that will be used very comfortably. Of course, you can do this BlackPlayer Free Music Player easily. A platform that has been designed as attractive and modern as possible will help you listen to music easily.

He white widget You will also be able to use it very comfortably and easily. Therefore those who use this music application are interested in using it. There are many interesting and profitable things that you can use right now.

Application Name BlackPlayer Free Musik Player
OS Minimal Android 4.1 +
Size Varies by device
Developer FifthSource

Choose one of the Offline Music APKs above for you to install on your cellphone or PC. The applications above can certainly fill your free time or leisure time to relax your body from fatigue.

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